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grand avenue food hall

The vision for the Grand Avenue Redevelopment is to create a place to meet, celebrate, collaborate, get inspired, live and work.  A place that showcases and enables the dreams and aspirations of the community’s vast untapped talent.


A Milwaukee first, the Milwaukee Food Hall is where the area’s veteran restauranteurs collide with emerging talented chefs.  Situated in one of the community’s most impressive indoor/outdoor event spaces’s, it is a space where business meetings occur and individuals find ad hoc workspace.  The ultra-flexible Food Hall is the natural spot for highly inventive benefits, private events, and the best collection of Milwaukee’s food and beer culture.

A bustling array of carts, stalls, counters and pop-up kitchens course throughout the first floor of the Milwaukee Food Hall providing authentic, local, artisanal, ethnic and neighborhood foods and experiences.  The food and beverage options will reflect the very best of the city’s singular diversity and reputation for quality.  In addition to attracting the ever-expanding base of downtown residents and more daytime foot traffic, its vendors are central to the overall ecosystem of the Grand Avenue Redevelopment catering to the businesses, organizations, events and meetings throughout the complex and surrounding area.

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